Our net zero commitment!

Our net zero commitment!

We’ve partnered with Tech Zero, the climate action group for tech companies committed to fighting the climate crisis! We’re super proud to be joining the likes of Allplants, Olio, Citymapper and Revolut (to name a few) in making ambitious climate action plans and setting net zero targets.

Net zero emissions refers to the amount of CO2 that’s produced and removed from the atmosphere. You can reach net zero when the amount of CO2 that you produce is equal or less than the amount that you remove. This can be done by adapting carbon negative processes, using green energy and supporting offsetting projects.

Our plan

At Good Club, we’re committing to measuring all our emissions, including scope 3, and setting a net zero target by the end of 2021. This means limiting our company’s carbon footprint in line with keeping global warming to below 1.5°C - the critical level of heating to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

The commitments we’re making

As part of our net zero commitment, we will:

  1. Measure all our global organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions, including scope 3, and report them publicly each year.

  2. Publish more details about how we plan to reach net zero by the end of 2021, including setting a net zero target date by 2050 at the absolute latest, and an interim target(s).

  3. Appoint a member of our executive team to be responsible and accountable for our net zero target.

  4. Communicate our climate commitments in other meaningful ways, including to our customers.

  5. Report our progress on short and medium term targets to our Board annually, and on our website.