We're crowdfunding

We're crowdfunding

On the back of huge progress in 2022, we’ve now opened our latest crowdfunding round on Crowdcube.

Since we last raised, we have:

  • 🍯 Designed and manufactured new, modular, smart reusable packaging
  • 🏭 Opened our first Reuse Hub to change the economics of reusable packaging
  • 🏪 Onboarded our first retailer, Milk & More - with two more due to go live this year

The new funding will help us:

  • 🥫 Develop packaging for new categories
  • 🏗️ Build capabilities for new retailers and brands
  • 🚛 Develop systems for viable home collections (to open up physical stores sales).

The round is already filling up fast, with upto 80% of the funding target already claimed. Join us on our mission and invest now! 💫

*Capital is at risk