How it Works

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    Fill up on your faves

    We’ve got heaps of amazing products to stock up your cupboards. Browse til your heart’s content, make your order, and enjoy that Dizzie feeling from saving plastic waste.

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    Ding dong

    We deliver your favourite groceries straight to your doorstep, or we can leave them in a safe place if you’re not in. Whatever works for you!

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    Faff-free returns

    We collect your empty packaging from your doorstep with your next order.

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The ins and outs


No single-use plastic packaging


UK-wide carbon-neutral delivery


Unlimited delivery & collection for £3.99pm


100% food safe

Plastic-saving packaging

Our new reusable pots are fossil fuel-free. Made from a mix of 60% used cooking oil and 40% wood fibres (a bi-product from paper-making), they’re specially designed to be reused over 100 times.

Your jars or ours?

Either decant your products into jars (sold separately), or use your products directly from the pot, and send back when empty.

Empties collected from your doorstep

Once you’ve finished with your packaging, we’ll collect it from your doorstep for free with your next order to be cleaned and used again and again and again.

Electric & carbon-neutral delivery

We work with the most environmentally conscious delivery companies in the country. Delivered in electric vehicles where possible, and always carbon neutral.

So fresh and so clean

Our returnable packaging is cleaned to the highest food safety standards and are filled based on demand, so products are always fresh and delicious.

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How much does collection cost?

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