Changing the world one pot at a time

Our mission

  1. Rid the world of pointless plastics

    Our reusable packaging saves single-use plastic packaging from ever being produced!

  2. ☁️

    Reduce CO2 emissions from packaging

    Single-use packaging production accounts for 3% of the world's CO2 emissions. Our packaging saves CO2 with every use.

  3. 🌱

    Help everyone live more sustainably

    We want to take the stuffy out of eco and make reusable packaging the norm.

Plastic saved

0 Pieces of plastic

CO2 saved

0 KGs of CO2

Our pots

  1. ♻️


    Our pots are made from durable recycled and recyclable plastic to be used again and again and again.

  2. 💫

    Free of fossil fuels

    Our pots are made from durable recycled and recyclable plastic.

  3. 🧠


    Our pots are becoming smarter as we are implementing RFID tags, bringing precision and efficiency to sustainability.

Carbon-neutral deliveries

We're working with couriers who are already running a carbon neutral fleet or are on a committed journey to get there.

Fair treatment

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive employer, with flexibility and fair pay. We expect the same from our partner brands and source from suppliers that pay a fair price to farmers and their workers.